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ca. 140min|




The rugged majesty of the Colorado Rockies sets the backdrop for this historic routr running west out of Denver. Between the west obre of the famed Moffat Tunnel and Glenwood Springs lies 130 miles of high mountain Parks and deep colorful canyons. After exiting the 6.2 mile long Moffat Tunnel, the grade Lesens allowing trains to sprint through the Colorado high country. Loaded coal trains put on a fantastic show of raw horsepower Verses gravity, with remote swing and rear-end helpers. We'll visit Gore and LittleGore Canyons, Byers Canyon, the spectacular Dotsero Cutoff, Glenwood Canyon and the Crater Loops on Craig Branch. This is one of the most scenic railroads in the west! Part of Union Pacific's Denver Area, this line sees mainly coal traffic out of western Colorado and eastern Utah. BNSF operates trains over the Moffat via trackage rights and Amtrak's California Zephyr runs each way daily between Chicago and the west coast. As trains follow the course of the Colorado River, one awe inspirier vista opens up after another. The Rio Grande called this "The Scenic Line of the World" and you will see why in The Moffat Road Part 2: Winter Park to Glenwood Springs!

This program was shot betweenAugust and October, 2012





ca. 96min|DVD



Come along with Pentrex as we travel to the Norteast, exploring some lesser know railroads and railfanning locations. We´ll see thee Housatonic Railroad, operating over former New Haven tracks in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Next we´ll take a trip on the Berkshire Scenioc Railroad that shares the same tracks through the hills of Western Massachusetts. Going trackside in Selkirk, New York we´ll watch mainline operations into and out of CSX´s giant classification yard.
The diminutive Grafton and Upton Railroad west of Bosten, is a tiny shortline dating back to the 1800s that is now expanding. We´ll chase their classic Geeps as they struggle with rollercoaster grades on their thrice-weekly turn. Then we´ll climb to the summit of New Hampshireßs Mount Washington aboard the "Railway to the Moon", the famous Mount Washington Cog Railway. Watch as our steam-powered train muscles its way up a grade that reaches 37 percent!
Smaller railroads, classic motive power, and a few suprise! They´re all here for you to enjoy in Pentrex´s Northeast Sampler!




San Diego SubdivisionRailfan San DiegoWIDE SCREEN

ca. 66min|DVD



San Diego Subdivision
Railfan San Diego
16:9 Wide Screen Format

Digital video
shot in Southern California's San Diego Subdi-
vison at the Santa Fe Depot/CP ASH.
Watch BNSF manifest freight action along with Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner, the Coaster and Trolly.
You will see:
Manifest freight action with BNSF's "DAYGO" as it heads westward out of San Diego before and afther sundown. Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner and the Coaster heading both westward and eastward from San Diego's Santa Fe Depot at CP ASH.
You will also see Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner with teh Tioga Pass Private Passenger Rail Car as it leaves the Santa Fe Depot.
Run time: 1 hr - 6 minutes.
This is a non-narrative DVD. A sit back and turn up the volume DVD.
DVD-R media formatted. Dolby Digital Audio

Web Site:

Videography by: George Cataulin
Produced and Edited by: George Cataulin

©August 2012




Socal Rails
Transcon Hot Spots

ca. 180min| 3 DVD



SoCal Rails
Transcon Hot Spots
3 DVD's
16:9 Wide Screen Format

Digital video shot in Southern California along Transcontinen-
tal Railroad.
These 3 DVD's cover the Cajon Pass, Needles and Seligman Subdivisions from footage shot between October 2011 and March 2012.

Locations include: Cajon Sub at Forst Flyover, above the rails at Keenbrook, Swarthout Canyon and Blue Cut, rarely seen vantage point between Cajon and Sullivan's Curve and Alray. Needles Sub at Ludlow, Arrowhead Jct, Ibis and Java. We also shoot at Seligman Sub near the border of CA and AZ at Topock.

You will see mainline action with the use of our "Multi-Cam" format using 2 camcorders in most shots.

This is a non-narrative DVD.
A sit back and turn up the volume DVD.
DVD-R media formatted. Dolby Digital Audio
Run time about 3 hours

Web Site:

Videography by: George Cataulin
Produced and Edited by: George Cataulin

©Mav 2012




Amerikanische Züge und Landschaften in 3D

ca. 63min|Bluray 3D + 2D-Version



Amerikanische Züge und landschaften nimmt sie in High Definition auf eine Reise über die schönsten Zugstrecken mit. Die alten Dampfloks befahren Strecken, die schon lange ausser Betrieb sind. Umso beeindruckender ist es, sie nun neu zu entdecken. In gestochen scharfer Qualität hat man den Eindruck, direkt mit diesem Zug zu fahren. Die Geräusche der mächtigen Lok hormonieren mit spektakulären Ausblicken, wobei all das mit einschmeichelnder, erhebender Musik unterlegt ist. Abwechslungsreiche Zugreise aus verschiedenenPerspecktiven, und das in solch grandioser Qualität, dass es sich auch wie 3-D anfühlt.

Der Film kann man als 2D oder 3D anschauen.





ca. 60min|DVD

1991, 2012


   Step back to 1991 to experience one of the busiest and most scenic railroad routes in Northern California, the Shasta Division of the Southern Pacific. The Vally and Black Butte Districts host a daily parade of heavy lumber and merchandise trains, joined by an ever-increasing number of intermodal movements.
   Our coverage of this exciting area starts in Redding and continues to Grass Lake. Trains cross the dramatic Redding Trestle as they start upgrade into the mountains.  The constantly twisting route follows the Sacramento River to Dunsmuir where diesels are added to many of the trains for the battle through Cantara Loop and up the stiff 2.1 percent grade through Azalea.Continuing east from Black Butte, trains climb a constant 1.4 percent grade as they skirt their way around the base of Mt. Shasta.
    On the Shasta Division, Southern Pacific  trains work their way through ever-changing and spectacular scenery. You'll experience the challenges they face as they cross high trestles and grind uphill to the summit at Grass Lake. You'll witness the seasons change from summer's long days to winter's snow-covered slopes, as the trains keep moving. Interesting motive power, varied and plentiful trains, and the difficulties of mountain railroading await you in Southern Pacific's Shasta Division!





ca. 90min|DVD

2000, 2008/ 07/08


See zebrastriped switch engines and GP9s, blue & yellow F-Units, GP9s, U-Boats, GP35s, SD45s, and F45s in this fantastic collection of Santa Fe training and promotional films from the 1950s and 1970s! You'll also see a welded rail train, a track geometry car. repair shows. Icing docks, and much, much more. Each of the six films included in this program is a vintage gem! Here's what you'll experience in Working' on the Santa Fe:

Team Effort.
Track repairmen learn safe handling techniques for the many tools they'll use, such as the spike maul, pick and sledge, claw bar, lining bar, rail fork, and others.

Count the Seconds. Yard workers learn what happens when safety isn't uppermost in mind as they work around moving equipment!

The Continuing Challenge. Santa Fe mounted a camera underneath an empty car to find out why derailments occurrend on high-speed trains in 1974, with stocking results!

Barstow: Nerve Center in the Desert. See the contstruction efforts that enabled Santa Fe to move 4,000 cars in and out of the "new yard at Barstow" every day.

Pay Day. This 1950s film shows what happens when loading, locking down, coupling, and taking up slack aren't done right!

The Argentine Yard - A Design for Tomorrow. Santa Fe's new system process up to 3,100 cars a day, twice as many as before computerization.

Enjoy this nostalgic trip back in time as you explore one of the all-time favorite fallen flags. You're Working' on the Santa Fe!





ca. 60min|DVD

1992, 2012/ 04/12


Here is the story of a truly momentous undertaking involving a truly historic steam locomotive. Built in 1927, locomotive 3751 was the first 4-8-4 for the Santa Fe and the first ever for Baldwin Lokomotive Works. She was the first of Santa Fe's passenger trains to arrive at the new LAUPT in 1939, and she served in passsenger service faithfully for 27 years before she was retired in 1953. In 1957, she was donated to the City of San Bernardino where she sat on display, exposed over the years to the elements and vandalism until a dedicated band of supporters formed the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society in 1981 with the intent to protect her and possibly restore her. It wasn't until 1985 that a suitable location was found  where the 3751 cloud be housed and rebuilt from the inside out. Skeptics said it couldn't be done; she was too deteriorated. Yet after 10years and thousands of hours of concerted effort, 3751 was returned to the rails in elegant splendor.
  This show will take you along that monumental journey, from the move to new quarters to the work that took place during the inervening years, ending with the 3751's break-in freight run from San Bernardino to Los Angeles in 1991. You'll meert the volunteers who ncleaned, welded, fabricated, and refurbished the engine to its original design. They will explain the many challenges they faced. You'll see rivets and bolt caps, boiler tubing and piping, firebricks and side sheeting being replaceed. You'll learn how pumps and compressors, rods and piston rings, miles of copper tubing, and other elements were restored or created, including the cab's numerous valves and interior construction, as well as the tender's repairs. Take this trip with us and see how a determined team accomplished what others said couldn't be done, which was to give a bright new future to a magnificent Icon of American railroading lore.






- King Coal-Powder River Rails & Mines
- Powder River Busin Coal Trains

ca. 180min|DVD

2003 11/03


King Coal - Powder River Rails & Mines
    In Wyoming's Powder River Basin, single track has been doubled and in some areas tripled to handle train after heavy train, and all for a single commodity - coal! Here's you opportunity to experience the complete story. At Black Thunder Mine, close-up views take you into the pits as massive machinery digs the coal, hauls it out, and flood-loads it into moving trains. Rolling meets between union Pacific and BNSF trains are common, often headed by high horsepower locomotives such as GE C44-9s and EMD SD90s. The action is intense as we revisit Power River coal country!

Beautiful Color with Stereo Sound and Narration

Powder River Basin Coal Trains
Filmed in 1992, this video demonstrates what it took to move huge amounts of coal out of the Basin. Chicago  & North Western's GE C40-8s, painted in a darker yellow scheme, and Burlington Northern trains, headed by a great mix of newer  and old generation locomotives, stuggle to haul their loads over White Tall Hill and the north end of the Basin. You'll catch the action from aboard a set of helpers as they give a 14,000-ton train a shove up the mountain. It's heavy-duty railroading at it best!

Beautiful Color with Stereo Sound and Narration


Best of 1991

ca. 120min|DVD


1992, 2009/ 09/09


In 1991, Pentrex traveled across the country to capure the highlights of the year's railroading events. The result is two hours of nonstop adventure featuring 8 different railroading subjects, many of which are now fallen flags. Steam and Diesel action fill the screen in this edition of our "BEST OF" series! Included are:

  • SP Beet Train. Watch as SP's famous wooden gondolas are filled to the brim. Then follow two SP GP9s and a Cotton Belt GP40-2 as they haul the gondolas from Los Banos toward Fresno en route to the sugar refinery.

  • SP Sacramento Shops. Wheel repairs, traction motor rebuilds, and heavy locomotive repairs were still taking place at the Sacramento shops in 1991. We'll take you through the facilities to see the work in progress.

  • Berea Tower. This busy Conrail juction near Cleveland, Ohio, saw a nonstop parade of trains in the fall of 1991. The interesting mix of power includes SD40s, SD40-2, GP40, GP38-2, 6-axle GE locomotives, and more.

  • Union Pacific Challenger 3985. Our coverage of a special excursion from Salt Lake City/Odgen to McCammon, Idaho includes a cab ride as well as trackside views. No diesel helpers were included on this trip; it's all steam!

  • Santa Fe Shippers' Special. Five Santa Fe business cars pulled by GE Warbonnet units made  a special run from Fresno to Richmond. Highlights include fast running, a classic SF Depot, and Glen Fraser Tunnel.

  • Southern Pacific 2472. Join 2472 on her maiden excursion, running from San Francisco to San Jose and return. This was her second outing after 13 years of restaration efforts and the result was a flawless performance!

  • Railroads of Salt Lake City and Odgen. UP, SP, Rio Grande, and the Utah Railway keep the joint double track mainline at Grant Tower humming with activity. It's not uncommon to see 3-4 trains there at the same time!

  • Union Pacific Desert Victory Unit 3593. Follow UP's SD40-2 #3593, painted in camouflage colors and displaying the names of UP employees serving in Operation Desert Storm, as it leads a train from SLC to Yermo.

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