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The Magnum 4850TM Series - #9000 BNSF

Neu. Ist dem Original von 1997/98 sehr nahe. Hat eine Funktionierende Kadee #58 und eine Standart-Dummy-Kupplung. Sowie einen NCE DCC Decoder. Welcher nur zwei (2) Funktionen hat - Vorwärts und Rückwärts Fahrt. Für die grösser hat das TM eine beachtliches Gewicht und vermag doch in der Ebene 1-3 Wagen zu ziehen oder zu Stossen. Jenach Wagen grösse und Gewicht.
Gewicht: 98 gr.
Hersteller: BLI
The Trackmobile is a unique piece of railroad equipment. It was designed as multifunction and multimode industrial switcher. It has the ability to operate on rails as well as off. With raiseable road wheels, the Trackmobile has the ability to spot freight cars, and move on to the next job despite the tight confines and limited trackage of most industrial layouts. While initially developed for the industrial environment, the Trackmobile has moved beyond this, and now may be seen on a number of Class I roads. It is often seen on small local area work trains and occasionally, doing some light switching. This model is available in both a DC and DCC version and will certainly be a unique and functional addition to your layout.

  •   Out of the box operation for DC

  • DCC Version equipped with custom NCE decoder

  • Available in many paint schemes and road names

  • Die Cast Construction for heavy weight and traction

  • Premium caliber painting with many separately added details

  • Premium motor with superior low-torque gearing for precision  switching

  • Full cab detail with driver figure

  • Scale operating metal #58 Kadee coupler on rear. Non-  functional coupler on front for prototypical accuracy

  • Minimum curve radius: 10"

NCE DCC Decoder Details
Decoder version 3.6
This is an EPF (extended packet format) decoder supporting:

  • Silent Running TM motor drive

  • Torque Compensation for ultra smooth low speed performance

  • Programmable Start, Mid and Maximum speed works for all speed  modes

  • Motor rating 1.3 Amp continuous, 2 Amp peak (stall)

  • All three function outputs have lighting effects generators

  • Select from 15 different lighting effects (Mars, strobes,  beacon, flicker, etc.)

  • Function outputs can be mapped to diffent functions

  • Two or Four digit addressing

  • Uploadable speed table interpolated to 128 speed steps

  • 28 and 128 Speed mode operation (always works internally at  256 steps)

  • Support for all forms off DCC programming

  • Decoder programming lock mechansim

  • Brake on DC feature assists automatic train control

Every attempt has been made to ensure this decoder complies with all applicable NMRA Standarts and Recommended Practices.

Bild von BLI

Original Magnum 4850TM
Daten von einem anderen Modell mit Full width Cab. Da die Magnum Serie nicht mehr gebaut wird.

Daten - Hercules Serie with Full Width Cab

The Hercules Full Width Cab is Trackmobile’s mid-range capacity model. It is designed specifically for use in metro/railway tunnels.

  •  6 cylinder Cummins engine sized for optimal performance

  • At only 96” [2.43m] wide, it is easily transported over the  road without special permits

  • Provides seating for the operator and two passengers

BILD von Trackmobile LLC, Magnum Series von 1997

Maximum Tractive Effort
(Double Coupled)
44,718-45,995 lbs.
[20,284-20,863 kg]
Maximum Tractive Effort
(Single Coupled)
28,383-29,660 lbs.
[12,874-13,454 kg]
Cummins QSB-6.7 Liter, Turbo-Charged Diesel Engine, 6 Cylinder, 4 Cycle
Transmission / Torque Converter
Funk DF Series, Four Speed Forward and Reverse
Transfer Case
Heavy-Duty, Hardened Alloy Steel Spur Gears. Oil Bath Lubrication
Rail Drive Axles  
Two Axletech Model PRLC, Planetary Type
Road Wheel Drive
Interlocking Lug Drive
Heavy-Duty 2" [51 mm] Thick Welded Frame
Rail & Road Brackes
Hydraulic-Actuated Disc Brakes
Train Air Brakes
100 CFM Transmission P.T.O. Driven Compressor
Parking Brake
Spring Applied, Air-Released, Disc/Caliper
Rail Wheels
27" [686 mm] Heat-Treated Cast Steel. (AAR Specification)
Road Wheels
16-ply, 9.00 x 20 Heavy-Duty, Mine Service Rubber Tires
Rail Gauge
Standard Gauge: 56 1/2" [1435 mm]
(NOTE: Additional Rail Gauges Available as an Option)
Electrical System
12-Volt DC, 160 Amp Alternator, 925 CCA Dual Batteries
Air Intake System
3-Stage Filtration, High-Efficiency Pre- Cleaner Tubes, Primary Filter, Safety Filter
Power Steering
Hydraulic Steering System, Pivoting Steering Wheel
Various Coupler Styles Available
Eight Individual, Air-Operated, Electrically-Controlled Sanders
Operator's cab, interior dome, one clear, one red. Rail Mode & Road Mode - 6 LED lights, 3 each front & rear. 2 tail & stop combination, rear mounted. 2 Lateral work lights to illuminate roadbed.
Operator Cab
Totally enclosed 360 degree visibility. Sound level under 85 dBA. Two doors, front & rear. Isolation mounts for body frame and cab. Air supension seat with 180° swivel. Full instrumentation with digital video display. Cup holders. Rear coupler alignment camera. Arm rest controls. Rearview mirror. Cab heater. Defroster fans. Sun visor. Windshield wipers and washers. Strobo light. Fold down jump seat.
Warning Signal
Blast type air horn, automatic backup alarm for road operation. Electric alarm.
Fire extinguishers, air conditioning, auxilary transmission oil cooler, performance package (additional 3,900 LBS and 185 HP), battery wrap heater, cab window extension, camera location options, cold weather fluids, cylinder rod protectors, engine block heater, engine oil pan heater, foam filled tires, (GCS) Ground Control System, hydraulic tank heater, MAX-TRAC wheel slip control, MAX-TRAN® automatic weight transfer system, radio control, switch control spot light, train air charge indicator, transmission oil heater, track mirrors/cab side, track mirrors/off side, turn signals, V shaped snow plow, wide traverse couplers for sharp curves/long cars.
On Rail AAR Clearance
Pattern Maintained
On Road
Wheel Base
127.0"             3226 mm
170.0"             4318 mm
101.0"             2565 mm
** 142.2"          3612 mm
65.4"         1661 mm
170.0"         4318 mm
101.0"         2565 mm
150.6"         3825 mm
  37,022 lbs. [16,828 kg]
Maximum Speed*(Both Directions)
On Rail
On Road
2nd gear
3rd gear
4th gear
  2.4 MPH         [3.9 km/h]
  4.0 MPH         [6.4 km/h]
  8.0 MPH         [12.9 km/h]
13.6 MPH         [21.9 km/h]
1.5 MPH       [2.4 km/h]
2.5 MPH       [4.0 km/h]
5.1 MPH       [8.2 km/h]
8.7 MPH       [14.0 km/h]

* Actual speeds obtained will depend on grade, load, track conditions and other factors.
** Shipping height will increase by 1 1/2" due to rail flange plus any necessary truck blocking required.

1602 Executinve Drive
LaGrange, Georgia 30240 USA

vom 27.04.2015 auf der Klubanlage - wurde nur Rudimentär geschnitten!
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