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# 1 | Crawford Hill - Part 1
Crawford Hill is a 12 mile, 2,2 % grade on the Burlington Northern in nortwest Nebraska which contains two horseshoe curves, one of which is very similar to Conrail's Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania. View power assignments from BN, KCS, Santa Fe, and Union Pacific. Be prepared for awesome sights and sounds of SD40-2's and C30-7's assisting eastbound coal trains from the Powder River Coal Basin. Color, sound, narration, one hour, on-screen graphics indicate locations.

ca. 65 min|DVD / 2002
# 2 | Crawford Hill - Part 2
This is the sequel to our most popular video ever. Watch the action on this 12 miles, 2% grade, pusher district between Crawford and Belmont, Nebraska. Burlington Northern  in Cascade Green, Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific, and Santa Fe all make appearances. On-screen graphis indicate locations and train information. Not narrated. One hour, color and sound.

ca. 65 min|DVD / 2002
# 3 | BNSF Volume 1
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
in Cajon Pass, Tehachapi, near Barstow and in Stevens Pass...
2 Hours of Action -- 84 Trains
A rainbow of merger era
BNSF, BN and AT&SF paint schemes
Shot in April of 1999
in southern California
and in Stevens Pass Washington
Sämtliche Lokomotiven sind auf einer Doppel A4 Seite. Detailliert auf Gelistet mit Roadnumber, Railroad Company, Typ, Ort und Datum...

ca. 120 min|DVD / 2004
# 4 | Classic American Railroad Films - Historische Eisenbahnfilme aus USA
4 Original-Filme aus den 1940er- und 1950er-Jahren
"This Is My Railroad"
(1940er-Jahre, Farbe, ca. 28 Min.)
"A Great Railroad at Work"
(1942, Schwarzweiss, ca. 37 Min.)
"At This Moment"
(1954, Farbe, ca. 25 Min.)
"Big Trains Rolling"
(1955, Farbe, ca. 23 Min.)
Diese Zusammenstellung ist eine wahre Schatztruhe für alle echten Eisenbahn Enthusiasten!
Im Auftrag der grossen Bahngesellschaften entstanden in den 1940er- und 1950er-Jahre äusserst facettenreiche Dokumentationen über sämtliche Aspekte des traditionsreichen Eisenbahnwesens der USA: Die besten Industriefilmer des Landes zeigen darin (nicht ohne das typische Pathos jener Zeit) wie die verschiedensten Arbeitsbereiche ineinander greifen. - Ein perfektes, von Dampf, Diesel und Elektrizität angetriebenes Räderwerk in faszinierenden und inzwischen selten gewordenen Filmaufnahmen.

ca. 113 min|DVD / 2004
# 5 | Santa Fe - Mainline Memoires
Relive the Santa Fe
all the way from
Chicago to Los Angeles!
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway was one of the USA's most beloved railroads until its merger into BNSF railway. The in-credibly varied scenery that it passed through, as well as its sharp-looking loco-motive fleet captivated not only railroad enthusiasts, but the general public as well.

Come along for the ride as this presentation shows you the Santa Fe from Chicago to Los Angeles. This footage was shot just prior to the merger, and you will see the modern AT&SF just as you remember it, with solid sets of Warbonnet locomotives painted in red and silver, as well as those in the older yellow and blue paint scheme.

You'll also be treated to a variety of photo locations that showcase the varied and outstanding scenery that the railroad passed through.

Some of the place that you'll visit include:

* Joliet Union Station        * Crozier Canyon
* Curtis Hill                 * Klingman Canyon
* Abo Canyon                  * Cajon Pass

All this and much, much more as you see the Santa Fe pass through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California!

If you like mainline railroading, then this program is a must for you video library!

ca. 105 min|DVD / 2003
# 6 | Street Running
To railfans, "street running" brings to mind images of long trains operating down busy city streets while auto traffic swerves to avoid disastrous collisions. That's exactly what you'll find in this collective look at 20 locations around the county where railroads continue to run trains down the middle of main streets.
Street running is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Modesto, California, where the Tidewater Southern (now UP) tracks haven been a problem for years, has finally seen its last train pass down busy 9th Street. You'll see it just days before the line was closed. You'll also visit Erie, Pennsylvania, where street running will soon be eliminated on Norfolk Southern tracks running down 19th Street. Other notable locations include Brocklyn, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Oakland, California; Augusta, Georgia; La Grange, Kentucky; Michigan City, Indiana; West Brownville, Pennsylvania; Santa Cruz, California; San Antonio, Texas; and New Albany, Indiana. These trains are operated by CSX, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Canada Pacific, and several short lines.
It's an electrifying experience to view massive coal trains, freights, timesensitive intermodal trains, commuter operations, even switch crews as they negotiate their way through traffic-filled street in Street Running!

ca. 104 min|DVD / 2004
# 7 | AT THE THROTTLE - CAB RIDE VOLUME 1 -- The San Bernardino Subdivision - Los Angeles to San Bernardino
With the camera secured to the front of an eastbound stack train and the scenic landscapes of the BNSF San Bernardino Subdivision stretching before you, you're "at the throttle" and about to experience a train ride like no other! In this show, you'll get a truly unique, railroader's perspective of the 65 miles betweeen Hobart Yard in Los Angeles and the city of San Bernardino. This line supports Amtrak, Metrolink, and heavy BNSF freight action, and you'll see plenty of this as you ride the rails.
Beginning with an early departure on a beautiful spring day in 2008, you'll leave Hobart Yard, cautiosly observing the 10-mile per hour speed limit untill the entire train is on the mainline and the engineer can bring the heavy train up to speed. Running southeast past Pico Rivera, Los Nietos Junction, and La Mirada to Fullerton, you'll get to observe the routing procedures that support the Amtrak Pacific Surfliners, westbound freights, and Metrolink commuter trains trains that compete for track space. Moving east past the Fullerton Station, you'll slip past one of htree remaining Santa Fe cantilever signals and head toward the horseshoe bend in Santa Ana Canyon. At West Riverside, UP joins the BNSF rails for the trip over Cajon Pass. By the time you reach the San Bernardino Station, enough daylight remains to give you a start onto the Cajon Sub to Devore. This has been no conventional cab ride; this has been an unobstructed view of the line that few people will ever experience! Welcome to Volume 1 of "At the Throttle!"

ca.150 min|DVD / 2008
# 8 | AT THE THROTTLE - CAB RIDE VOLUME 2 -- The Cajon Subdivision - Devore to Barstow
Climb aboard as we take an exciting 70-mile trip over BNSF's Cajon Subdivision from Devore to Barstow. You'll have the best seat in the house. We've placed our camera at the very front of the lead unit on BNSF's hottest Z train. The four GE Dash 9 44CSWs on our train provide 17,600 horsepower for the battle to the summit of Cajon Pass.
We'll depart Devore and then just east of Keenbrook we'll cross over onto the original line to Summit, which is preferred for most westbound traffic. It's shorter and steeper but our train has enough horsepower to conquer the 3 percent grade. Once past Summit, our train eases downgrade, clears the Upper Narrows and the scenic Lower Narrows, then makes good time streaking across the desert flora to Barstow. Along the way you'll meet westbound hotshots, spot third main track construction and signal installations, and get a totally unique perspective of the famous hotspots that make Cajon such a popular railfanning destination. Welcome aboard Volume 2 - you're "At the Throttle!"

ca. 110 min|DVD / 2008
Welcome to Volume 3 of At the Throttle. With our camera mounted on the lead engine of a BNSF train, we’ll take to the rails to bring you a spectacular and unique perspective of railroading like no other! Volume 3 is dedicated to train meets, the exciting encounter of two opposing train traveling on parallel tracks. You’ll travel throughout Southern California to experience meets with freight, communter, and passenger trains at a variety of locations, including the Alameda Corridor and the BNSF’s San Bernardino and Cajon Subdivisions.
This is no conventional cab ride. As you travel the rails, you’ll view meets from many intriguing angles. Our camera is sometimes mounted at wheel, on the coupler, at the front of the cab, even on top of the engine! These images were not only shot during daylight; there are many fascinating night scenes as well. You’ll see meets with Union Pacific, KCS, BNSF trains and Amtrak’s
This is no conventional cab ride. As you travel the rails, you’ll view meets from many intriguing angles. Our camera is sometimes mounted at wheel, on the coupler, at the front of the cab, even on top of the engine! These images were not only shot during daylight; there are many fascinating night scenes as well. You’ll see meets with Union Pacific, KCS, BNSF trains and Amtrak’s Southwest Chief and Pacific Surfliner, plus a drag race on the climb to Summit. There’s a good mix of motive power to savor, such as AC4400CWs, Dash 9-44CWs, GEVOs, and Amtrak’s P42 DCs. The main thrill, however, is the feeling of being right there, just above the rails, with the ground shaking and the wind whipping as another long train slips past you. Enjoy the adventure – you’re At the Throttle!

ca. 90 min|DVD / 2008
# 10 | AT THE THROTTLE - CAB RIDE VOLUME 4 -- The Alameda Corridor
Hop on board! We’ve got a first class ticket for you to ride a BNSF doublestack train on the Alameda Corridor! From Hobart Yard in Los Angeles and Long Beach and back again, including Terminal Island and Pier 400, you’re about to withness a line that few are privileged to see. So get ready. You’re at the throttle on the Alameda Corridor!
The congestion generated by heavy BNSF and UP train moving freight in and out of the ports led to construction of a 20-mile long consolidated route linking the railroads’ container facilities near Los Angeles to the harbor area. The central feature of the Corridor ist he Trench, a 33-foot deep, 50-food wide, 10-mile long cutt hat carries trains below grade crossings. With an average close to 70 trains a day, the Corridor is a busy place, as you’ii see on three separate outings.
Your first trip begins near Eastern Avenue on a cool, overcast October morning in 2007. After passing Hobart Tower, you entert he Trench at 25th Street, return to ground level 10 miles later in Compton, ending your trip at Delores Yard. Your second trip takes you from Watson Yard to Terminal Island where your consist will traverse a gigant balloon track to keep your lead unit on the point before coupling to a waiting train. On the third trip, you’ll depart from Pier 400 for the return trip back through the Trench. This time the camera is mounted on the second unit to give you a different perspective. The highlights of your trips include appearances by Pacific Harbor Line locomotives, a passing UP stack train in the Corridor, and more. This is a railroading adventure like no other!

ca. 140 min|DVD / 2008


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