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Embire Builder - The Most Beautiful Passenger Train in the Nation!

Die Passenger Cars sind ALLE von Walthers Ready-To-Run Serie. Sie können noch mit der Walthers Innenbeleuchtung ausgestattet werden. Die Lokomotiven sind ALLE von Proto 2000 (Walthers Proto)  und werden auf DCC und mit Sound von Tsunami Aufgerüstet.

An allen Wagen wurden die Standartkupplungen gegen Kadee #158 ausgetauscht. Die Wagen haben schon Standart mässig Stahlachsen. Sind super gut und schön Detailliert und Vorbereitet für die Walthers Innenbeleuchtung.

  • Das 10 Passenger Car Set wurde noch mit 3 zusätzlichen Passenger Cars erweitert.

  • ALLE Passenger Cars werden eventuell noch mit einer Innenbeleuchtung (LED) versehen / auf gewertet.

  • Die Innebeleuchtung von Walthers wird dazu verwendet.

  • Eventuell verwende ich die Innenbeleuchtung von Hufing-Tronic.

Die Auflistung ist NICHT der Reihenfolge nach!


P-S 6-5-2 Sleeper - Pass Series
Walthers RTR

AC&F 60-Seat Coach
- 1209-1214 Series
Walthers RTR

P-S 7-4-3-1 Sleeper
- River Series
Walthers RTR

AC&F 36-Seat Diner
- Lake Series
Walthers RTR

AC&F"Ranch" Lounge Car
- 1240-1245 Series
Walthers RTR

P-S 6-4-1 Lounge Observation
- Coulee Series
Walthers RTR

AC&F Baggage-Dormitory
- 1200-1205 Series
Walthers RTR

Budd Great Dome View Lounge
- 1390-1395 Series
Walthers RTR

Budd 48-Seat Vista Dome Coach
- 1320-1335 Series
3 Stk.
Walthers RTR

AC&F Baggage-Mail
- 37-42 Series
Walthers RTR

Train Liste / Zusammen Stellung von 1955

Laut Verpackungs Aufdruck...


Named for James J. Hill, known as the "empire builder" for his consolidation of several smaller lines into the Great Northern, the train that would become GN's flagship debuted on June 11, 1929. Providing fast, luxury service between Chicago and Seattle, riders were treated to a breathtaking look at both the Cascade and Rocky Mountain ranges, which with influence from GN, led to the development of Glacier National Park. Streamlined in 1947 and finished in a stunning orange and dark green scheme, the train was re-equipped in 1951 and expanded in 1955 with the arrival of Great Domes in the form of both 46-seat vista-dome coaches and full dome lounge cars. In 1967, the railroad began updating its image with a bold, new color scheme of Big Sky Blue and white on all types of equipment, which remained in use through the Burlington Northern merger of 1970. With some route changes, the Empire Builder remains in operation under Amtrak.

Producte Featurs

Empire Builder Passenger Cars

Providing direct Chicago to Seattle service and fantastic mountain views, the Empire Builder offered travelers a unique way to travel east or west! Based on the great streamliner as it appeared from 1955 to 1971, the WalthersProto train features 10 railroad-ready cars upgraded with:

  • Factory Installed Grab Irons

  • Prototypically Accurate Window Tinting as Appropriate

  • Empire Builder and Big Sky Blue Schemes

  • Correct Turned Metal 36" Wheels

  • Proto MAX™ Metal Knuckle Couplers

  • Available with Factory Installed LED Interior Lighting***

  • Matching EMD F7s in Two Paint Schemes

Other standard features include:

  • Fully Assembled, Ready to Operate

  • Detailed Interiors

  • Car Name & Number Decals

  • Working Diaphragms

  • Correct Trucks


From 1955 on, A-B-B-A sets of F7s were standard power for the Empire Builder to handle the longer, heavier consists and the 44-hour schedules. Starting in 1962, a "Simplified Scheme" was unveiled to reduce repainting time and costs, that was used through 1967. Perfect for powering your GN streamliners, and available with Tsunami® sound for operation on DCC or DC layouts, these limited-run WathersProto locos feature:

  • Typically Run in A-B-B-A Sets

  • Choose from Empire Builder & Simplified 1962-67 Schemes

  • Perfect with Empire Builder or Big Sky Blue Passenger Equipment*

  • Limited Edition - One Time Run of these Roadnumbers

  • Available with Soundtraxx® Tsunami® Sound for DCC & DC Layouts**

  • Authentic Bulldog Nose

  • 14:1 Ratio Gears for Smooth, Quiet Performance

  • 5-Pole Skew-Wound High-Torque High-Efficiency Can Motor

  • LED Constant & Directional Headlights

  • Equipped with GN-Specific Details:

- GN-Specific Snowplow Pilot
- Carbody Filter Vent
- GN-Specific Style Cut Skirts
- Square-Cornered Winterization Hatch
- Roof-Mounted Cooling Coil
- Scheme-Specific Horn Placement


*      = Habe keine solchen Passenger Cars
= Meine Lokomotiven sind aus der ersten (1.) Serie und ohne DCC w/Sound
= Meine Passenger Cars sind nur vor bereitet für die Innenbeleuchtung von Walthers

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